The Festivity of Azerbaijan in 101st Anniversary

Monday, 29 April 2019 had became a great moment for me. It was because for the second time, I joined the anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in Kempinsky Hotel, Jakarta. Last year I also joined the celebration in the same place and then I wrote about the festivity in here

As one of invited, I feel grateful. It's such an honor for me and the other bloggers to join the celebration because not all people could attend it. Thank you very much for Azerbaijan embassy to Indonesia for the invitation!
Photo together with Charge D'Affaires of Azerbaijan Embassy Mr. Ruslan Nasibov and wife
This year Azerbaijan Embassy marks 2 important moments in their history. The first is celebration of the 101st Anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. 101 years ago, precisely on 28th of May, 1918 Azerbaijan is formed as Democratic Republic country. At the same time, Azerbaijan also became the country with the first parliamentary democracy in the muslim world and the first country in the Muslim world that ensured universal suffrage to women.
The second is celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Azerbaijan diplomatic service. One year after established as democratic republic country or in 1919, Azerbaijan has diplomatic relations for the first time. Turkey became the first country that has diplomatic relations to Azerbaijan. Then, it followed by Iran.
Happy anniversary for Azerbaijan!
Azerbaijan established the diplomatic relations with Indonesia since 1992. Then, more than one decade later the relationship between both countries is more deeper. Azerbaijan have opened the embassy in Jakarta in 2006 while Indonesia have opened the embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2010.
Diplomatic service is the notable thing for Azerbaijan. 100 is not ordinal number. Therefore, they also celebrate it together with their history as democratic republic country.

Ruslan Nasibov Delivered the Speech

The celebration of the anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic was held at 19.00-21.00 West Indonesia Time. Not only from Azerbaijan embassy of Indonesia, the event was also attended by representative of other countries and public figures, such as Sofyan Djalil (Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning) Oesman Sapta (Indonesian Parliament) and Gilarsi Wahyu Setijono (President Director of PT Pos Indonesia).

After both of national anthem (Indonesia & Azerbaijan) played, Charge d'Affaires Ruslan Nasibov opened the celebration. He represented Azerbaijan embassy of Indonesia delivered the speech onstage.
Charge D'Affaires Ruslan Nasibov delivered the speech onstage (photo: by my own)
"I am honored to welcome you today to the celebration of the 101st Anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Established on 28th of May, 1918 it was the first parliamentary democracy in the Muslim world, the first country in the Muslim world that granted universal suffrage to women as early as in 1918." Mr. Ruslan said.
"At the same time this year we also celebrate 100 years of Diplomatic Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan. A century before, young Azerbaijan Democratic Republic adopted a provisional instruction on the Secretariat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, laying ground for formation of Azerbaijan Diplomatic Service. However, invasion of bolsheviks in April 1920 and later inclusion of Azerbaijan into the Soviet Union, stopped the process."
Mr. Ruslan continued the speech. Although Azerbaijan diplomatic service was born 100 years ago, the legalization of Azerbaijan diplomatic service happened in 2007. On 24th of August 2007 President of Azerbaijan, H.E. Mr. Ilham Aliyev signed an Order on the Diplomatic Service Day of the Republic of Azerbaijan to be celebrated on July 9. Since then, Azerbaijan celebrate it every year and now Azerbaijan have over 70 diplomatic missions abroad.
Collaboration between Azerbaijan embassy of Indonesia and PT Pos Indonesia through special post stamp launching marked the 100th of Azerbaijan diplomatic service (photo: Azerbaijan embassy)
From the speech, I finally know that last year Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia Dr. Muhadjir Effendy come to Azerbaijan last year to attend the opening ceremony of "Nakhcivan, the Capital of Islamic Culture - 2018". Besides, I also know that to celebrate 100 years of diplomatic service, Azerbaijan embassy collaborate with PT Pos Indonesia launched special post stamp.
The event continued with cake cutting session. This is symbol of relationship between Indonesia and Azerbaijan. Hopefully the collaboration of both countries are increasing from time to time. Mr. Ruslan Nasibov and some Indonesian public figures stand onstage and cut the cake.
Cutting cake session in Azerbaijan anniversary celebration
Azerbaijan anniversary cake

Enjoying Azerbaijan Food in Gala Dinner

The formal session is over. Now it's time for gala dinner. In this session, all invitees can enjoy the food and drink provided. 

There are many food in the celebration, but Azerbaijan food is the most I would like to try. Therefore, I try to taste 'kuku'.

Kuku is Azerbaijan food made of whipped egg that folded in various ingredients. In my opinion, kuku is like 'telor dadar' in Indonesia but more tasteless and healthier. It is because kuku is usually contains vegetables although the others are not. That's good. I think I should try this when I go to Azerbaijan.
Kuku, one of traditional food of Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan Kabab. Last year I taste it, but this year I didn't
Besides, I also enjoy tandir bread. Tandir bread or also called as tandoori bread is traditional bread of Azerbaijan and some countries in Asia such as Turkey, Iran, India and Pakistan. It tastes salt and there is a sensation of garlic. But I love it. I think I could eat tandir bread every day.
Tandir bread, one of traditional food of Azerbaijan
After enjoying some Azerbaijan food, I think it's time for my friends and me to capture the moments. Therefore, we come to some cute Azerbaijan kids and taking picture with them.
Me and cute Azerbaijan kids
Taking picture with Azerbaijan kid
Now, Azerbaijan is 101 years old. It took long time. However, it does not mean that the Azerbaijan struggle is over. Like the Azerbaijan proverb "Tez duranla tez evlənən uduzmaz" that means "Those who get up and marry early, achieve success.", this is just beginning for Azerbaijan be better and greater country. I believe Azerbaijani can do it!


  1. I also enjoy this ceremony. I hope that Azerbaijan and Indonesia will always grow together.


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