Justice for Khojaly, Moment to Recall Humanity and Peace

Taking photo with Mr. Ruslan Nasibov, Charge d'Affaires of Azerbaijan Embassy to Indonesia
Today, February 26th, 2019 is normal day for most of people. However, it is not for Azerbaijan, an East Europe country close to Russia, Iran and Armenia. In fact, today is Khojaly genocide commemoration. 27 years ago precisely on 25-26 February 1992, bleeding tragedy happened in Khojaly (Azerbaijan: Xocalı), a town with 7000 inhabitants in Azerbaijan. 

At the time, Armenian soldier helped by some military personnel of 366th CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Regiment attacked Khojaly civilians. They did the massacre brutally in there. In fact, Khojaly itself is located on Nagorno-Karabakh, an area in the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The greed made Armenian wanted to dominate the territory. Therefore, they did the assault.

As a result, thousands people became victims. 613 people were killed, including 106 women, 83 children and 70 elders. 56 of them were killed viciously. They were burned alive, skinned, beheaded, gouged the eyes out and even there was pregnant woman that the stomach was pierced by bayonet. Meanwhile, 487 Khojaly civilians wounded, 1.275 people were taken hostage and 150 people were missing until now. What an evil suspects! 
Khojaly genocide, 25-26 February 1992 (avadiplomatic.com)
For what happened in Khojaly 27 years ago, I feel sad. It was one of dark history in the world. In 1992, I was not born yet. However, I can't imagine what would it be like if I was in Khojaly at the time. It must be a bad time! :(

I have no idea about how could a human hurt the others. Where is their heart? Or do they have no heart? Massacre is massacre. Regardless of the number and the reason, killing even genocide is always cruel and unforgivable.  As humankind, I feel hurt. My deep condolences for Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan Embassy Held International Seminar at UI

To commemorate humanity tragedy happened in Khojaly, Azerbaijan 27 years ago, Azerbaijan Embassy to Indonesia collaborated with University of Indonesia (UI) held seminar with the title "Humanity: In Search of Justice for Peaceful Coexsistence". The event was held on February 25th, 2019 at Ruang Apung, UI, Depok and talking about Khojaly genocide. The audiences come from various background. Not only UI students, but there were also Sahid university students, ANRI (Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia) and also bloggers.
International seminar about Khojaly tragedy commemoration
Azerbaijan doesn't want to forget the history as Soekarno said in "Jasmerah - Jangan Lupakan Sejarah". Although it was dark, they want young generations knows about it and sharpen feeling about humanity. Besides, they also want people around the world be aware about world peace. That's why every year they (including Azerbaijan diaspora) do commemoration. If last year (2018) Azerbaijan embassy to Indonesia did praying together with Ustad Yusuf Mansyur at Istiqlal Mosque Jakarta to commemorate the tragedy, this year (2019) they did it by helding international seminar. For me, it such an honor to be part of the event twice.

The seminar was opened at 08.30 AM by Head of Library UI Fuad Gani. After that, Charge d'Affaires of Azerbaijan embassy to Indonesia Mr. Ruslan Nasibov delivered the speech. At the podium he told to us about what is Khojaly genocide and how Azerbaijan people faced it.
Mr. Ruslan Nasibov, delivering speech in international seminar at UI (25/02/19) (photo: by my own)
After  speech and Q&A session, the seminar continued by showing documentary film about "Khojaly Genocide". In the film, some survivors told about their bad experiences in tragedy and how other country gave recognition about Khojaly genocide by Armenia. Then, the event was finished in photo session.
Fuad Gani, Mr. Ruslan Nasibov and diplomat of Azerbaijan Embassy to Indonesia (photo: Nur Said)

Justice For Khojaly

Khojaly tragedy happened 27 years ago. Although it happened in long time, justice is justice. It must be upheld. Not only to recall the tragedy, but also to remind humankind around the peace so the similar event will not happen in the future. Therefore, Azerbaijan active does campaign about "Justice for Khojaly". The campaign was pioneered by Leyla Aliyeva. She is the first daughter of Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev and a humanity activist.
Leyla Aliyeva, the initiator of Justice for Khojaly campaign (vestnikkavkaza.net)
On May 8, 2008 Leyla did campaign through the forum with motto, "Justice for Khojaly, Independence for Karabakh". The purpose is make people around the world be care of Khojaly tragedy. Besides, she also did it to disconnect military aggression was did by Armenian military in Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan. 

As follow up, then she launched the website Justice for Khojaly. The website can be accessed in www.justiceforkhojaly.org. The site contains peace declaration to make Nagorno-Karabakh in peace under world leaders.
Justice for Khojaly (www.justiceforkhojaly.org)
Solidarity to upheld the justice for Khojaly is also done by WAMY (World Assembly of Muslim Youth). On February 21, 2018 they was held international mission  entitled "al-Adalah li Khujali" in Istanbul, Turki. One of a series of activities is photography fair themed "Khujali in the optics of Muslim youths" was held from 21 to 26 Februari 2018. The fair is the continuity of the similar fair in Baku, Azerbaijan on May 2017.

Azerbaijan is not alone. Many people around the world who support Azerbaijan to establish justice for Khojaly, including Indonesia. I believe one day the justice will stand in Khojaly. I hope justice for Khojaly can be moment to recall humanity and peace. It is because as human we should spread love and compassion, not violence even war.
Justice for Khojaly (my photo)


  1. The genocide in Khojaly still leaves deep sorrow for all of us. Let's help them to get the justice: http://www.justiceforkhojaly.org/. I hope this tragedy will not happen again forever. Amen.


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