PPAN 2014, Will You Be Mine?

For the fifth time, including this, I have participated in selection of youth exchange program. I did it because I have a dream to represent the country in the world.

The first was PPAN or Pertukaran Pemuda Antar Negara 2013. It was my first time I challenged myself to do selection of YEP. I know that my skill is not well yet, especially for organization experience, leadership and English. I also aware about what am I look like and there are a lot of people who are greater than me outside. However, because I like challenge and I want to know how far my skill is, I tried to register.  No matter I'm chosen or not, the important thing that I thought is I have to try.

There are good news and bad news. Good news is I'm passed in first selection which is administration selection so I can feel what the writing test and FGD in Cibubur look like, but the bad one is my journey was stuck on second selection. In fact, I couldn't continue my struggle on interview and art selection. I dunno why whereas I feel optimistic to continue to the next step. Maybe the problem is because in writing test I was nervous so the answer wasn't maximum. Another was because I almost not active at all in FGD test.

But, I don't give up. When disorda Jakarta was held Jakarta Sister City selection some months later for the first time, I tried to apply again. But, different from selection before where I just go to the test place alone, at the time, I did selection with my friend, Aida. Accidentally, she also has same obsession with me: feel on fire to go abroad. Therefore, when I knew this info, I shared it to her and we applied together.

Although I'm not passed to represent DKI Jakarta in JSC, at least I was be better. It's because luckily I was on top 15. I'm passed writing and FGD test with the result that I got a chance to feel what the "real selection" look like. On the contrary, Aida have to try again in the next chance if she wants to passed, at least feel what the final selection is.

I know that I wasn't lucky yet. However, it's not me if I was easy to give up. Then, when Jenesys selection was held at the beginning of 2014, I tried again. By inviting some of my friends, I applied it together. Unfortunately, again, bad news came to us because nobody who passed. Moreover, Aida and I are automatically eliminated because we can't apply at all because the e-mail was overloaded. At the time we felt disappointed because we like "lost before war" or in Indonesia we called it as "Kalah sebelum berperang". Since then, I learned that we shouldn't apply your application as near as deadline. The more far you submit, the better you are. It's because it can prevent you from "overloaded email".

As time goes by, JSC was held again and it opened with 3 destination cities: Berlin, Beijing and Seoul. Not want to waste the chance, Aida and I applied it again and both of us had chosen Berlin as our destination. Yeay, we passed administration selection. Therefore, on May 3, 2014 we went to Gedung Judo, Kelapa Gading to do the test. Honestly, I dunno about where's the location. But because of google map helping and a friend's instruction, finally we can go there safely and on time. :P

Actually, we want to passed and we hope very much to chosen in this selection. It's because the chance is bigger than PPAN, in fact there will be 5 couples for every cities, 5 boys and 5 girls who will be selected.  However, because God has best another plan for us, we failed. Aida just stayed on second selection -I mean writing and FGD test while I was luckier because I became top 15. And again, I'm not lucky yet in final selection was held on May 4, which are psychology test, art performance test and general knowledge test.

I know that I failed again. But I don't care even if it can make disorda's people bored to me until say, "You again, you again.". So, when PPAN 2014 was opened, I submitted it again and we had chosen Canada. At first, there was just Aida and I who just submitted. Moreover, we have made passport and did TOEFL selection. But because there is change of requirements which is person with non-KTP DKI jakarta can submit and passport+TOEFL can go after, I invite some of my friends.

The first is Fadhilla, because I know she always on fire if we talking about go abroad. As time goes by, the others such as Osi, Juwita, Ithessa and Dhorifah are also interested to submitted it. Finally we did writing test which is consist to 5 parts on 10 May  in Gelanggang Remaja successfully. After the writing test had finished, we go home. Unfortunately, we just know about who are people who will pass to the next step, it can be top 15 or maybe top 10, as soon as possible on web. Therefore, we have to be patient to know it.

My participation in doing selection in PPAN 2014 make it as fifth experiment in try to go abroad by youth exchange program. Uniquely, I always get number of participants which always has number 1: 105, 2114, 111 and 118. I dunno what and where is my sustenance. The important is I just do the best and never give up. I also don't forget to pray to Him because He knows what the best for us. No matter how many I will be fail, I will always keep to do the best. For right now, I just ask to myself, PPAN 2014, will you be mine? Let God works because he knows the best.