Think to Running Process

Now, there is no time for me to think, "How to have fun"
On the contrary, it's time for me to think "How to running process", especially to reach my goals.

I realize that I'm almost not teenager again. But almost adult.
I'm half of adult. Not child, nor adult.

It does means that my responsibilities in the world will be bigger than before.

So, I have to do it because I don't wanna regret myself for my mistakes toward time (again). Enough! I have wasted a lot of chances that I have
Therefore, I would prefer to be wise in utilization of time. I prefer to be a more productive person, not contrarily. I also prefer to talk by people who can give positive impact to me, not contrarily. And of course, I would prefer to do whatever positive things that I can do. Enough.

Last but not at least, I don't wanna pray a lot.

I just hope, I can do it consistenly. Amin :))