Great Day on Mother's Day

Today is a great day. Not only because today is mother's day, but it is because I has been studied together again with my friends of Sousuka (South Sukabumi) English Club. Commonly, we do it on 4th floor in ITC close to amazone.

Unfortunately, we were only three people. Haryati, Aida and I. I’m first. I came to ITC first. I arrived there at 11.15 WIB. Then Haryati who arrived at 11.30 WIB and the last is Aida. She arrived at 14.00 WIB. Both of them are my younger class.
Although we were only three, it's doesn't make us lazy to study. On the contrary, we're keep the spirit in order that we are still have willing to learning each other.

Because the topic of the meeting is about “DREAMS”, in brief, after Aida arrived on 4th floor, we told whatever about dreams each other.

Well, I’m the first of this session. I has been told that my dreams are uncountable.  Even I can't count it from A-Z. Some of them are I wanna be a reporter of VOA and script writer of Disney-Pixar. Maybe it hear almost impossible to was reached. Besides, I dunno about how the way to make it happen. But I believe that nothing's impossible in the dreams world. Who knows I can reach it one day, right?

After me, Haryati is the next. Almost same with me, she told us that she wanna be a reporter of VOA. Besides she also wanna be broadcaster and go France one day. She wanna go around the world especially "the country of Eifell". Another is she wanna study in Harvard University, USA.  Unfortunately, she got some problems to reach it. It is about the condition of her family. As she said about it, she is one and only in her family who wanna "out of the box" and be different from her siblings. Sorry, I can't tell it in detail because it is her privacy.

The last we have Aida. Rather different among Haryati and I, she told us that she wanna be a stewardess. She wanna reach it because besides it related to English -something who she loves-, it can also make her go around for free. India is one of countries which wanna visited by her. As her name of facebook, she is obsessed with Shah Rukh Khan. So she keep her dream to meet him one day. No one can predict that she can meet Shah Rukh Khan one day, right? Her another dream is she wanna be a reporter.

After share each other about what our dream, we play game related to English. As last meeting, we play "Mention Vocabs". So one of us mention one word than continued by one another.

But the game has the rules. It is the initial of a word is decided by last letter of a word which said before. After we mention it, we must point one of us.

You may mention anything in English but you may not mention the word which ever said by speaker before. For example, I ever said "DARK" before. But unfortunately Aida said Dark too. In this case, Aida break the rules. Therefore Aida must get a punishment.

Another rules is we must mention a word but no more than 10 seconds. If we break the rules, we must accept a punishment. Same with paragraph before, anyone who forget or break the rules, they must get the punishment. It is simple. It just graffiti on hand. It went very funny!

After we prayed Zuhur and played the game, we decide to have lunch together. While enjoy the food, we also enjoy the performance of Shopi Martin's.

Actually, we wanna go home. But unfortunately it rain. Although it is not rain cats and dogs, but it can hinder us to go to home without damp. Therefore, we choose to keep stay in ITC with sing a karaoke in Amazone.

Like famous singer, we sing together. First we sing "Heaven" and second we sing "Cinta Begini". While sing some songs, we take many picture. It takes place happily.

Now at 16.30 WIB. Because now the rain has been stopped, we decide to go home. Today is unforgettable. Therefore I say, "What a great day on mother's day!"