If Doomsday Will Be Held Today

Today is December 21st, 2012. Long before 'professor of time' state itself that today is December 21st, 2012, some conjectures has been widespread. Many people, especially the conspiration lovers said that 21st is judgment day. It based on The Mayan's forecast. FYI, The Mayan's Calender just have date until 21st December 2012. Believe it or not, The Mayan was be trusted as one of tribe in the world who have power to tell fortunes.
Therefore, many pros and cons are branch out. Not only from one mouth to another mouth, even until media make it as public consumption. As I recall, since the end of 2009, almost every day 'doomsday' has been in the news. It can be said that almost of us, whether he/she is child or adult knows about it.

Because this issue has been widespread, some people used this issue to get benefits. As we know, before 2012 there is film which tell us about what happen in 2012. Same with the year when the film happen, the name of film is "2012". 

So, there are 2 contradictive opinions. Pros and cons. In pros side many of them who believe that The Mayan is 'special tribe' so it is the big chance if it can be a reality on December 21, 2012. On the contrary, in cons side reject it soundly. They said that no man who can tell fortunes when the doomsday will be held. Just "GOD" who knows.

Time continous to run. Finally the day is came and the truth was revealed. In fact, there is no 'doomsday' on today. Even until I write this page now, the doomsday don't come yet. So, we can say that the issue really was wrong! The doomsday has been postponed!

It is a good news for us. Because the doomsday don't come yet, we are still can do anything who we want. Until today, we can study, work, shopping even go to a place, right?

Yeah, this is a good news for us. Not only you, I think almost even all of people in the world think same with me. But, is it right?

Unfortunately, it can be "bad news" for us. It is because no matter about the confidence about the doomsday still exist or not, the world didn't show the significant change.

Look the reality! There are many showdown in the world. Look how the condition of Palestine now. In fact, there are a lot of harms in the country. Not only about material, but also about non-material. Many people who died there. Even children without sins also became victims.

Maybe it was too far for us to learn about what happen in the world. But... Keep calm, I'll give you simpler sample. 

In fact, almost every month there are many quarrel in our country. It began from quarrel between tribe, quarrel between organization even until between school! Unfortunately, sometimes it is not only about attack one another, but sometimes also kill one another. Whereas, sometimes it is caused by trivial problem like insult someone or do little mistake. So, where is the meaning of "NO DOOMSDAY" if the doomsday really has been postponed?

It just some of many samples has been happened in our country and in the world. Moreover, there are many samples but we can't count how many is it.

Therefore, sometimes I think, "How if the doomsday really will be held today?" 

Can you imagine what will happen if it really became the reality?

Suppose if today is H-7 The doomsday! If Doomsday will be held today a.k.a on 21-12-2012 or 7 days more before the day, can you imagine what will happen in the world?

The fact is no doomsday because the doomsday will come!

If we know that doomsday will be held today (now 7 days before doomsday), nothing activities who we can do. Because... for what we do something?

Work to get money? But For what? Is the inhabitant of heaven must have much money?

How about study? 
Yeah, Study! 
But for what? Is study still needed to get key of heaven? I don't think so.

How about attack even kill one another? 
The odd question!
Quarrel just add our sins one another. Is the quarrel is one of way to get key of heaven?

And so on.

So we can conclude that, "No doomsday day will come when doomsday will come". On the contrary, "the doomsday will exist when doomsday never come".*