Yeay!! I'm Selected!! ~~D

Sumpah! Enggak nyangka!! Gue enggak mimpi kan? Gue terpilih sebagai salah satu dari 400 pemuda di seluruh dunia untuk menghadiri GYCS (Global Youth Cultural Summit) 2013 di Jakarta!!  Gimana enggak, katanya ada 900 orang yang mendaftar dan hanya ada 400 calon kandidat yang lolos seleksi. Kabar baiknya, gue adalah salah satu dari 400 orang yang terpilih itu! Ini di luar dugaan gue! Alhamdulillah banget.. Terima kasih Allah, Thanks GYCS!! ~~D Untuk temen-temen baru gue, see U in Jakarta next year!! :D Berikut adalah isi email yang menyatakan kalo gue terpilih sebagai delegasi GYCS 2013 :))


Congratulations on being selected for GYCS!

Congratulations  Noval Kurniadi! You have been selected among the 400 youth to attend the inaugural 2013 Global Youth Cultural Summit (GYCS) on the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). We were very happy to learn more about your ideas to help accelerate progress on the MDGs in your entry to the competition. Yours was selected among hundreds of other applications as one of the most relevant and creative. We are excited to welcome you here in Jakarta on 16-21 August 2013 for a global summit that will gather youth from all corners of the globe to discuss and debate on the way forward for positive and sustainable global development. 
To this effect, we are happy to inform you that you will be awarded free accommodation and meals during the whole summit (16-21 August 2013).

Why was the Summit moved to 2013?

There are three reasons behind this decision. We believe these ultimately work for your benefit.
Firstly, the Indonesian National Standard Protocol has demanded greater coordination with certain ministries of the Indonesian government working on the MDGs between their agenda and that of GYCS. For this reason, more time was required to prepare and coordinate our efforts to ultimately be able to integrate your ideas and the results of the sessions at the Summit into the country's plan for MDG implementation.  This is a golden opportunity for you change makers thirsty for real impact!

Secondly, GYCS will be different from other conferences. GYCS will be about results and follow-up. We therefore encourage participants to start materializing or building upon their ideas today and seek support from their home government or NGOs in their home country this year in preparation for presentations on progress and results at the conference in 2013. In this regard, GYCS2013 will be a celebration of concrete progress and an inspiring debate about the future!

Lastly, as the icing on the cake, there are plans for participants to take part in the Indonesian Independence Day celebrations as guests of a prominent government leader on 17 August 2013. We are very excited about this and we think you will love it!

What now?

Three Things:
1) First of all, you should start preparing your trip to Jakarta.
We now invite you to purchase your flight tickets to Jakarta and/or start your fundraising activities to finance them as soon as possible. You will have until 1 May 2013 to submit us your travel itinerary with arrival and departure information at You should plan to arrive at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on 16 August 2013 and depart on 21 August 2013.
For international participants, we also invite you to start the process of applying for a visa (if need be - please consult the Indonesian embassy in your country to that effect) as soon as possible. Visas and flights into and out of Jakarta remain your responsibility.
Should you not contact us in time with your flights details and confirmation of ability to travel to Indonesia (visa requirements fulfilled), we will offer your place to one of the hundreds of youth on the GYCS waiting list.
2) We will need a reference letter in English from your organization (work place), university (or educational institution) or government supporting your participation at GYCS. This letter has to confirm the duration of your stay in Indonesia, clearly indicate whether you will extend your stay beyond the conference, and confirm that you will return to your home country afterwards. We ask you to send this in Word or PDF format along with your travel documents by 1 May 2013 at
3) We invite you to stay connected with us throughout 2012 and until the Summit next year. We will seek to get your insight and suggestion for the conference as well as inform you of potential pre-Summit activities.
For these purposes, we invite you to join our group on The Humanitarian Social Network at if you haven't already.
We also invite you to follow us via twitter (@GYCS2013 / #GYCS) and to like our page on facebook.
We look forward to welcoming you in Jakarta!