Do you KNOW what the meaning of FALL?

Do you KNOW what the meaning of FALL?

Okay, before you KNOW it, I want to introduce about myself, especially about my name and my experience.

NOW I’m introduce about my self!


I have ever FALL, so I KNOW how the feeling when I was FALL.

Yeah, I KNOW, I have ever FALL

But I’m promise with myself that I will NOt do something who make me FALL more!

So, NOW I want to say that “Say NO to FALL!”

FALL? What is that?

Okay, I will explain you about FALL and you must KNOW it!

FALL is the condition who make us KNOW how the feeling before success.

Succes is NOt FALL

But, it is find the way about how to wake up after FALL

NOt just one day, two day, one week even one years, but it need many times!


Yeah, because if we want to success, we must feeling how the feeling when we FALL.

Success is NOt impossible if we are NOt FALL, although just once!

Success is a skill to destroy the FALL, NOt afraid when we meet it!

So, begin from NOW, say to ourselves that, “Say NO to FALL!”

Written by : KNOW FALL
Note : This note dedicated to everybody who ever KNOW how the feeling when us FALL. Feeling FALL is usual! But it is better than just KNOW what the meaning of FALL!